2010 Decisions


As the official backup archive for the United States Court for the Third Circuit, Villanova University School of Law maintains digital copies of all opinions filed by the Court since May of 1994. New opinions are added monthly.

NOTE: Most opinions are marked "Precedential" or "Non-Precedential", either on the cover page, or somewhere on the first page of the opinion. Non-Precedential Opinions are only binding upon the parties involved, and should not be cited or relied upon for the legal principles stated within.

Also, even precedential opinions may have been overruled since the time the case was published. The legal validity of any of these opinions should be checked with a citator (e.g. Lexis' Shepard's or Westlaw's KeyCite)

If you notice any problems with these opinions, or have concerns related to this collection, please contact the adminstrator.




USA v. George Herman Ruth, Jr.


Francis v. Pueblo Xtra Intl Inc


USA v. Samuel Freeman