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2022 Symposium - The Consensus Rule: A New Approach to Admissibility of Scientific Evidence
Edward Cheng, Hess Chair in Law at Vanderbilt University Law School, has initiated a comprehensive proposal for a new federal evidence rule (702A), governing the admissibility of scientific expertise, to replace the Daubert regime (which gave federal judges a gatekeeping role). Building on the substantial body of literature critical of Daubert, the proposed rule would base admissibility decisions on consensus among experts within the relevant scientific communities, rather than relying on judges or jurors.
2021 Symposium - Practical Ethics in Corporate Law: The Science, Instruction and “Real-World” Application
Lawyers are routinely thrusted into ethical dilemmas that rules of professional conduct do not address. Numerous scholars have worked to unpack one simple, yet complicated question: Why do people behave unethically?
2019 Symposium - Gender Equity in Law Schools
Despite the significant demographic change in the gender composition of law faculty during the last 25 years, persistent questions of unequal treatment and unconscious bias continue to hamper the ability of female faculty to achieve full equality in law schools.