Submissions from 2024

Tribes,States, and Sovereigns' Interest in Children, Emily Stolzenberg

102 North Carolina Law Review (2024)

Submissions from 2023


Virtual Criminal Law Dualism, Itay Ravid and Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg

2023 University of Illinois Law Review 1453 (2023)


140 Characters to Justice? The Promise and Perils of Using Social Media to Reveal Lay Punishment Perspectives, Itay Ravid and Rotem Dror

2023 University of Illinois Law Review 1473 (2023)


The Originalism of F.R. Scott, Preston Jordan Lim

111 Supreme Court Law Review (2d) (Can.) 101 (2023)

Movement Lawyering to Empower Leadership from Subordinated Communities: Examples of Alternative Visions of Our Conceptions of Justice, Caitlin A. Barry

17 Journal Of Leadership Studies 34 (2023)

A Collaborative Model: The Villanova Law Library, Amy A. Emerson

Academic Law Library Structures: Past, Present, and Future 137 (2023)


Climate,Controversy, and Courts, Todd S. Aagaard

S.Cal.L.Rev.Online (2023)


Attaining Academic Tenure, Amy A. Emerson and Charlotte Schneider

Introduction to Law Librarianship (2023)

Preventing Vicarious Trauma and Encouraging Self-Care in Clinical Legal Teaching, Deeya Haldar and Sarah Katz

Contemporary Challenges in Clinical Legal Education 87 (2023)


Contingency and Contestation in Christianity and Liberalism, Michael P. Moreland

98 Notre Dame Law Review 1721 (2023)


The Right To Social Expungement, Itay Ravid

60 American Criminal Law Review 347 (2023)


Procedural Posture and Social Choice, Michael Risch

107 Minnesota Law Review 1621 (2023)


24/7 Clean Energy, Todd Aagaard

94 University of Colorado Law Review 571 (2023)


Slow-goverance in Smart Cities: An Empirical Study of Smart Intersection Implementation in Four U. S. College Towns, Brett Frischmann and Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo

12 Internet Policy Review 1 (2023)

The Case for a Liability Rule to Stimulate Investment in Sub-Patentable Innovation, Ana Santos Rutschman and Jerome H. Reichman

Improving Intellectual Property: A Global Project 88 (2023)


Collection Due Process at Twenty-Five: A Still Important and Needed Check on IRS Collection, Leslie Book

20 Pittsburgh Tax Review 145 (2023)


The Mechanics of Share Repurchases or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Stock Buybacks, Richard A. Booth

28 Stanford Journal of Law,Business and Finance 42 (2023)


The "Crisis of Expertise" Reaches the Courtroom: An Introduction to the Symposium on and a Response to, Professor Cheng's Consensus Rule, David S. Caudill

67 Villanova Law Review 837 (2023)

Military Justice: Cases and Materials, Brenner M. Fissell, Eugene R. Fidell, Franklin D. Rosenblatt, and Dwight H. Sullivan


Lies,Damn Lies, and Kamikaze Lies: Protecting Falsehoods in the Name of Truth, Doris DelTosto Brogan

54 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 225 (2023)

Life in the Fast Lane: Dynamic Sentencing Developments Across the Nation, Steven L. Chanenson

35 Federal Sentencing Reporter 151 (2023)

Expertise In Crisis: The Ideological Cntours of Public Scientific Controversies, David S. Caudill


Rightsizing Local Legislatures, Brenner M. Fissell

2023 Utah Law Review 393 (2023)

Privileging Scholarship and Law School Compensation Decisions: It's Time to Shine Some Light, Ann Juliano

61 University of Louisville Law Review 291 (2023)


Nonconsensual Family Obligations, Emily J. Stolzenberg

48 BYU Law Review 625 (2023)

Submissions from 2022

Rights and Wrongs in the Vaccine Informational Ecosystem, Ana Santos Rutschman

Law, Regulation and Governance in the Information Society: Informational Rights and Informational Wrongs (2022)


Ministerial Decision on the TRIPS Agreement (WTO), Ana Santos Rutschman

International Legal Materials 1 (2022)


Sex and Coercion: Comments on Green's Criminalizing Sex, Michelle Madden Dempsey

26 Jerusalem Review Of Legal Studies 22 (2022)


Friendship as the Primary Purpose of Law, Michael P. Moreland

67 The American Journal of Jurisprudence 279 (2022)


Everything I Know About the Bond Market I Learned From Litwin V.Allen An Essay (In Two Parts) For Ralph Winter, Richard A. Booth

17 Virginia Law & Business Review 1 (2022)


Corporate Governance Guidelines: How to Improve Disclosure and Promote Better Corporate Governance in Public Companies, Jennifer O'Hare

49 Florida State University Law Review 257 (2022)


Don't Forget the "G" in ESG: The SEC and Corporate Governance Disclosure, Jennifer O'Hare

64 Arizona Law Review 417 (2022)


Covid-19 Policies at Sports Venues: The NFL Should Have Required Attendees to Be Vaccinated, David S. Caudill

29 Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal 1 (2022)


Unidentified Police Officials, Teressa Ravenell

100 Texas Law Review 891 (2022)

Why Capacity Market Prices Are Too High, Todd S. Aagaard and Andrew N. Kleit

75 Utilities Policy 101335 (2022)


Against Criminal Law Localism, Brenner M. Fissell

81 Maryland Law Review 1119 (2022)


The Way Lawyers Worked, Michael Risch and Mike Viney

90 University of Cincinnatti Law Review 822 (2022)


How the Process of Building Legal Technology Creates Professional Agility, Amy A. Emerson

14 John Marshall Law Journal 101 (2022)


What's a Nice Company Like Goldman Sachs Doing in the Supreme Court? How Securities Fraud Class Actions Rip Off Ordinary Investors - And What To Do About It, Richard A. Booth

66 Villanova Law Review 71 (2022)


Progressive Algorithms, Itay Ravid and Amit Haim

12 UC Irvine Law Review 527 (2022)

Electricity Capacity Markets, Todd S. Aagaard and Andrew N. Kleit


Unincorporating Qualified Immunity, Teressa Ravenell

53 Loyola University of Chicago Law Journal 371 (2022)


Qualified Immunity and Unqualified Assumptions, Teressa Ravenell and Riley H. Ross III

112 Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 1 (2022)


Foreword: Probing the Intersection of Climate Change and Public Health, Ana Santos Rutschman

16 Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law and Policy 1 (2022)


Promoting Vaccine Innovation, Ana Santos Rutschman and Mirit Eyal-Cohen

83 Ohio State Law Journal 1003 (2022)


Viral Sovereignty,Vaccine Diplomacy,and Vaccine Nationalism: The Institutions of Global Vaccine Access, Ana Santos Rutschman and Sam F. Halabi

36 Emory International Law Review 1 (2022)


Why Insurance Needs a Restatement: The Case of Settlement Decision Law, Chaim Saiman

28 Connecticut Insurance Law Journal 162 (2022)

Submissions from 2021

Beyond Imagination?: The January 6 Insurrection, Mark C. Alexander, Michèle Alexandre, Erwin S. Chemerinsky, Danielle M. Conway, Anthony W. Crowell, Garry W. Jenkins, Kevin R. Johnson, Jennifer L. Mnookin, Kimberly Mutcherson, Andrew M. Perlman, Carla D. Pratt, Theodore W. Ruger, Daniel P. Tokaji, and Robert K. Vischer


Vaccine Clinical Trials and Data Infrastructure, Ana Santos Rutschman

2021 Utah Law Review 771 (2021)


Tort Remedies in Military Prisons and Brigs, Brenner M. Fissell and Max Jesse Goldberg

Journal of National Security Law and Policy (2021)


The Covid-19 Pandemic and International Law, Preston J. Lim, Oona A. Hathaway, Alasdair Phillips-Robins, and Mark Stevens

54 Cornell International Law Journal 151 (2021)


Equal Supreme Court Access for Military Personnel, Brenner M. Fissell, Eugene R. Fidell, and Phillip D. Cave

131 The Yale Law Journal Forum (2021)


Where to Draw the Line: The Endless Search for a Legal Competitive Edge, Andrew Brandt

28 Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal 319 (2021)


How to Look Like A Lawyer, Ann Juliano

34 St. John's Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development 151 (2021)


A Place of One's Own: How Law Libraries Support Democracy by Protecting Citizens' Right to Read, Amy A. Emerson

113 Law Library Journal 319 (2021)


Coercion, Consent, and Time, Michelle Madden Dempsey

131 Ethics 345 (2021)


Governing Privacy in Knowledge Commons, Brett M. Frischmann, Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo, and Katherine J. Standburg


Does Tax Matter? Evidence on Executive Compensation After 162(M)'s Repeal, Andrew Lund, Brian Galle, and Gregg D. Polsky

26 Stanford Journal of Law,Business, and Finance (2021)


Policing Symmetry, Teressa Ravenell and Riley H. Ross III

99 North Carolina Law Review 379 (2021)


Inconspicuous Victims, Itay Ravid

25 Lewis & Clark Law Review 529 (2021)


Worse than Human?, Michael Risch and Derek E. Bambauer

53 Arizona State Law Journal 1091 (2021)


The Covid-19 Vaccine Race: Intellectual Property, Collaoration(S), Nationalism and Misinformation, Ana Santos Rutschman

64 Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 167 (2021)


The Law Wants to be Formal, Chaim Saiman

96 Notre Dame Law Review 1067 (2021)


Difficulty of Care: Alligning Tax and Health Care Policy for Family Caregiving, Christine S. Speidel

52 Loyola University of Chicago Law Journal 503 (2021)


Properties of Intimacy, Emily J. Stolzenberg

80 Maryland Law Review 627 (2021)

Submissions from 2020


Law, Love and Freedom:From the Sacred to the Secular Joshua Neoh,Cambridge University Press 2019 (Book Review), Michael P. Moreland

65 The American Journal of Jurisprudence 203 (2020)


Applying International Law Solutions to the Xinjiang Crisis, Preston Jordan Lim

22 Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal 90 (2020)


Expertise in Political Contexts: Latour Avec the Third Wave in Science and Technology Studies, David S. Caudill

20 Law, Technology and Humans 4 (2020)


A Unified Theory of Convoy Goods, Michael Risch

60 Jurimetrics 403 (2020)


A Road Paved With Good Intentions?: FERC’s Illegal War on State Electricity Subsidies, Todd S. Aagaard and Andrew N. Kleit

33 The Electricity Journal 106766 (2020)


Regulatory Malfunctions in the Drug Patent Ecosystem, Ana Santos Rutschman

70 Emory Law Journal 347 (2020)

Tax Practice Gets a Mary Kay Makeover: The Tale of Peterson and the Danielson Rule, Joy Sabino Mullane

72 South Carolina Law Review 1 (2020)

Submissions from 2019


Abstraction, Filtration, and Comparison in Patent Law, Michael Risch

1 Journal Of Law & Innovation 37 (2019)


The Complexity Dilemma in Policy Market Design, Todd S. Aagaard and Andrew N. Kleit

30 Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum 1 (2019)


Giving Taxpayer Rights a Seat at the Table, Leslie Book

91 Temple Law Review 759 (2019)


Private Ordering and Improving Information Flow to the Board of Directors: The Duty to Inform Bylaw, Jennifer O'Hare

53 University of Richmond Law Review 557 (2019)


Abstraction,Filtration, and Comparison in Patent Law, Michael Risch

1 Journal of Law and Innovation 37 (2019)


The Vaccine Race in the 21st Century, Ana Santos Rutschman

61 Arizona Law Review 729 (2019)

Submissions from 2018


The New Family Freedom, Emily J. Stolzenberg

59 Boston College Law Review 1984 (2018)


The Pre-History of Subsidiarity in Leo XIII, Michael P. Moreland

56 Journal Of Catholic legal Studies 63 (2018)


Characterizing Power for Seperation-of-Powers Purposes, Tuan N. Samahon

52 University of Richmond Law Review 569 (2018)

Submissions from 2017


Five Questions for the Next Thirty Years of Federal Sentencing, Steven L. Chanenson

81 Federal Probation 23 (2017)


The Right to Remain in Safety: The Impact of Community Leadership on Philadelphia's ICE Holds Policy, Caitlin Barry

13 University of St. Thomas Law Journal 459 (2017)


The Blurred Blue Line: Municipal Liability,Police Indemnification, and Financial Accountability in Section 1983 Litigation, Teressa Ravenell and Armando Brigandi

62 Villanova Law review 839 (2017)

Submissions from 2014


Mandatory Drug Take-Back Programs: Will They Survive the Dormant Commerce Clause Challenge, Caroline Wick

27 Tulane Environmental Law Journal 371 (2014)


Synthetic CDOs, Conflicts of Interest, and Securities Fraud, O'Hare Jennifer

48 University of Richmond Law Review 667 (2014)

Submissions from 2013


Preemption as Inverse Negligence Per Se, Michael P. Moreland

88 Notre dame Law Review 1249 (2013)


Bell v. Cheswick Generating Station: Preserving the Cooperative Federalism Sturcture of the Clean Air Act, Caroline Wick

27 Tulane Environmental Law Journal 107 (2013)

Submissions from 2012


Blackmun (And Scalia) at the Bat: The Court's Separation-of -Powers Strike Out in Freytag, Tuan Samahon

12 University of Nevada Law Review 691 (2012)

Submissions from 2010


Did I Do That? An Argument for Requiring Pennsylvania to Evaluate the Racial Impact of Medicaid Policy, Michael Campbell

82 Temple Law review 1163 (2010)

Submissions from 2008


Restitution and the Production of Legal Doctrine, Chaim Saiman

65 Washington and Lee Law Review 993 (2008)


Retail Investor Remedies under Rule 10b-5, O'Hare Jennifer

76 University of Cincinnati Law Review 521 (2008)

Submissions from 2006


The Use of the Corporate Monitor in SEC Enforcement Actions, O'Hare Jennifer

1 Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law 89 (2006)